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Buying An Engagement Ring – Don’t Be An April Fool

One of the biggest and most significant purchases that a man will make in their lifetime is buying an engagement ring. There are a million emotions that come up during this engagement process and with the right direction and advice, we can help you can sail smoothly through this process.

After years of experience helping people navigate through this new frontier of picking diamonds, designing rings and popping the question, we have compiled a list of our best tips to breeze through ” The Great Engagement Ring Adventure”.

Here is our tried and true 10 point list to keep you on track and get you to the alter without a hitch:

1) Make Sure She Is Going To Say Yes!!!

Make sure you are both on the same page about spending the rest of your lives together before you even think of purchasing a ring.

2) Diamond Education

Here is where you want to familiarize yourself with The Four C’s of Diamonds and what each of them mean. This is kind of like a crash course in diamond knowledge but it will make picking out and purchasing a diamond much easier and less stressful. Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are the Four C’s and each category helps to define the quality of the diamond and ultimately the price. There is a ton of information on the internet but we recommend not getting too in-depth because once you fall down the rabbit hole it can become very overwhelming. You don’t need to get your PHD in diamonds to pick an engagement ring but you will feel much more comfortable having an idea of what you are looking at and discussing. When you select your jeweler, they should also be able to educate you on all aspects of diamonds and rings and any other information you may need to help make your best diamond decisions.

3) Know What Kind Of Ring She Wants

It’s a good idea to know what style ring she likes before you begin to shop. Stone shape, color of metal (white or yellow gold), type of metal (gold or platinum), vintage or modern style, petite or chunkier mounting are all important details that help aid in a smooth shopping process. If you cannot find out these details, our best suggestion is a simple solitaire. That way you are not committing to a style and you can still surprise her with a ring that you can slip right on her finger. If you are totally confused, you can ask her Mom, sister, best friend, look at her Pinterest, Instagram,
Facebook, etc. P.S. Try to find out her finger size so when the time comes it will be a perfect fit.

4) Pick A Reputable Jeweler

Picking a great jeweler should not be that hard to do. Most people have a family member or friend who work with a particular jeweler. Referrals or word of mouth are the best way to find a great jeweler. Trust is the foundation of a successful engagement ring shopping experience. When you are referred to a jeweler by someone you trust, the rest of the process should be relatively easy. Shopping locally and at an independent is a great way to go!!!! When you choose an independent jeweler to do business with, you will find that you are very much appreciated. You are not just a number like so often is the case at a chain store at the mall. Small business owners are grateful that you have chosen to patronize their business and you will feel the difference in the prices you pay and the treatment you receive. This is a big deal for you and it’s nice when you can trust the quality of product you are purchasing, feel that the price is right and have a great time doing it. If you don’t have any referrals we recommend looking for a jeweler who has been in business for a long time and has a good reputation in the community. We recommend Ronnie’s Jewelers of course!!!!

5) Know Your Budget

Everyone wants to buy the most beautiful ring for their bride to be. Once you begin to shop, you will quickly learn what things cost and what is actually doable for you. Most stores offer financing and layaway which are great options for many people and help you buy her the right ring. You can also set the diamond in a solitaire to save money instead of buying an expensive mounting straight out of the gate. People are also choosing colored gemstones instead of diamonds if they don’t want to spend as much money. There are many options to choose from when picking the perfect ring for your budget, so don’t fret.

6) You Must Insure The Ring!!!

Once you have pulled the trigger and made your purchase, make sure that you receive a professional insurance appraisal on your merchandise. When making a purchase from a reputable jeweler they should include an insurance appraisal for your ring/rings free of charge. This is all you will need to submit to your insurance company so you can insure your new, special purchase. Insurance provides a sense of freedom when she is wearing her ring. If it gets stolen, lost, damaged, etc. you will be able to replace the beautiful ring you worked so hard to pick out. We recommend Jewelers Mutual which is strictly jewelry insurance and very reputable in the industry.

7) Ask Parent’s Permission

We aren’t trying to be bossy here but we’ve seen a thing or two over the years. The best way to start a great marriage is to get in good with the parents. Nothing secures this positive relationship with your future in-laws better than the old- school tradition of asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage. This customary practice still works in our modern society and is highly recommended.

8) Plan Your Proposal

Here is where you want to shoot from the heart. There’s no perfect way to pop the question but a little effort does go a long way. There are tons of great ideas online that you can use or think of something meaningful to both of you and incorporate that into your plan. Going back to the place where you first met, or a place that you love to go together or a beautiful park, are all great ideas for places to ask the big question. Whether you plan an elaborate scavenger hunt or fly her off to a romantic getaway, just remember that you asking her to marry you is the most important part of this equation.

9) Don’t Overthink It!!!!

The most important thing you can do through this whole process is to try and remain calm and do not make yourself crazy. This is supposed to be one of the happiest and most exciting times in your life. It is a big deal but remember that many people before you have taken these steps and survived it successfully. If you have gotten to this point, you obviously have found the right person and the rest will fall into place. Trust in yourself, the process and your jeweler. You are now ready to ask the big question and present her with the beautiful ring you have selected. Good luck!!!!

10) Keep It A Secret

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